We are a company dedicated to the sport of hunting for experts and to the training of those who want to venture into the hunting of the pigeon. Pigeon-Palace Lodge is a five-star resort in the middle of natural scenery that waits for you to return from the hunting fields at the end of the day and with the indescribable feeling of overcoming the next day. Pigeon-Palace Lodge is located on an area of 400 hectares of natural forests and at a distance of between 5 to 30 minutes from the areas of hunting and blinds. Directed by José Luis Vidal, “Mozo”, Pigeon-Palace Lodge is administrated by highly experienced hunters whose personnel and installations strive to satisfy the most demanding necessities, likes, and pleasures of our visitors who arrive from all over the world. Mozo´s experience, accumulated over more than 20 years of work and effort exploring the best places to hunt the queen of the pigeons, culminated in the very center of the triangle formed also by Argentina and Paraguay, which is the place of the highest concentrations of the pigeon in the world.
Our host team includes bilingual guides, trained assistants, and experienced drivers who will lead you exactly to each blind and in the best positions so you can shoot as much as you have ever dreamed about. Moveable and immoveable decoys and other devices used to attract these intelligent birds will be waiting for you. Our personnel will be attentive to serve drinks (just in case the excitement doesn´t make you forget thirst and hunger) and hand out ammunition.
The kitchen of Pigeon-Palace Lodge offers a diverse menu including dishes reserved for true gourmets. A feast fit for a king every day!! For those who know how to combine the mystery with the natural sensation of an abundant hunt.


Herland Von Sneider, a hunter, a long tour operator, having a world-renowned career as a pioneer in the hunt for the dove in Colombia, worked in Paraguay for several years. Von Sneider, together with the person who would inherit his skills and knowledge, José Luis Vidal, known as Mozo, began operations in Bolivia in 1998 in search for the best blinds and places according to the requirements of experienced hunters. Mozo dedicated his efforts to the exploration and observation of the habitat of the pigeon, a large intelligent pigeon, whose long migrations around the Chaco region (more than 20 million hectares of almost desert-like fields) and unique behavior make it a prime target for hunters. The search culminated with the location of Pigeon-Palace Lodge in the center of one of the highest concentrations of the pigeon in the world: the Bolivian Chiquitanía where excellent hunting fields, amazing natural scenery, and the mystery of traditional legends combine to make a unique human environment.