Pigeon-Palace Lodge is located in the province of Chiquitos in the northeast section of the department of Santa Cruz. The province covers an area of 31,249 square kilometers and has an average altitude of 296 meters above sea level.

The main topographic of the area is the San José Mountains that are surrounded by the Sunsás, Chochís, San Lorenzo, and San Lorenzo Mountains belonging to the Precambrian.

Streams and small rivers whose names revive the traces of the Order of the Jesuits during colonial times, such as Quimome, Santa María, San Juan, San Miguel bathe the territory forming waterfalls and natural lagoons that serve as natural watering holes for the pigeon and also permit the existence of fertile areas for the cultivation of soybeans, cotton, corn, sunflower – favorite foods of these wild birds.

There is a variety of vegetation that contains sub humid forests of the Chiquitana´s mountains, tall bushes, and savannahs with shrubs besides places with xeric vegetation in transition to the Chaco forest. These are the ideal habitats for the refuge and nesting of the pigeon.    Beyond this area await the waterfalls of San Luis and Totaisales, the mighty triple waterfalls in Suruquiso, the riverbeds between the rocky formations of El Chorro in Roboré, and the thermal waters in Aguas Calientes (Hot Waters.) 

The spectacular valley of Tucavaca and the plains of Chiquito complete an unpolluted natural environment of high visual impact with eloquent examples of an exceptional nature.