The customs and habits of this species of wild migratory pigeon require specific conditions that Pigeon-Palace Lodge fully meets with comparative advantages over nearby areas of the Bolivian and Paraguayan Chaco, dry areas with a preponderance of dry forests that forces the pigeon to cover large distances in search water, shelter, and food.
On the other hand, the woods and natural forests of the Chiquitana Mountains, where we have chosen our place of activities, allow that the nesting and refuge for roosts are at relatively close distances. The abundance of rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water complete the ideal habitat for their development and reproduction.

During the periods of fattening and the nesting and rearing of chicks from April to October, which coincide with the stages of sowing and harvesting, the agricultural activity developed by the Mennonite communities supplies their favorite foods: corn, sorghum, soybean, and sunflower.
This merging of human and environmental factors causes Pigeon-Palace Lodge to be right in the center of an area where the pigeon and its multiplication, number, and population density causes about a 40% loss of crops.
The shooting of pigeons is a control mechanism for farmers and a beautiful, exciting sport for those who visit us!

As you know, the pigeon is an intelligent bird and can remember the sound of guns and associate this with danger. For this reason, it is necessary to have different hunting fields each day with special decoys and experienced guides. For those who prefer to hunt pigeon the area nearby is the suitable environment of these birds. Even though they are smaller, they have the same voracious when it comes to feeding.
Pigeon-Palace Lodge is near the cultivated fields (5-30 min.) where you will arrive in modern 4 x 4 vehicles passing through Mennonite communities, by little country houses, and along amazing landscapes.